Friday, September 11, 2009


hey wani!actually i agree with opinion u about disvantages. i thinks many disanvantages when teenagers use chemical fertilizer in agriculture. for example when teenagers can use chemical fertilizer such as aersol. this can give CFC and can effect the enviroment suc as air pollution. this is dangeres to all our life in the worl.. so wht do u thinks about my opinion? that is correct or not?^_^

the disadvantagas

Lets continue our discussion.Now I will to tell u about disadvantages when teenager involve their self in agriculture.The disadvantages wish to be said more converging to future negative effect become to environment due to agriculture that had conducted. Chemical fertilizer and insecticide use can change biological rivers and lake. this case would result the river water and lake quality affected use of fertilisers and poison result that does not in controlled.Poison insect such as DDT and various of chemical fertilizer type used upper crop will be advanced absorbed inside land or in bring with by surface water run-off . If leach happened then chemical compound from fertilizer and poison would be brought by underground water flow retract river and lakes.the surface water run-off also would bring fertilizer and poison occur at earth surface retract river and lakes. After that,it would result plants inside billabong and further cause aquatic animal death.It is because lack of food supply which need in achieve due to water pollution which occurred.

who party can involved to engrougeres to teenagers in agriculture

soryy i'm late to all member. today i get information about who party can involved to engraunges to teenagers in agriculture. actuall the goverment has has go plan malaysia to 9 (RMK-9) where bank were appropriated fund for financing SME scheme to use small and medium industry which involves youth group.futhemore, to create keen youth with areas of agriculture, then many university or institud established at Malaysia especially in plantation field. specific supply programme at diploma level or degree in institud public tertiary education or private is is best platform in produce many more teens participate in agricultural field. for example university is UPM, UKM and UM.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


hey? today i would like discuss about NATC.. you all know about NATC. i thinks you all dot no about NATC. i can explain about NATC. NATC is national that cooperative agricultural training ceremony with ministry of agriculture and agro-based industry which started initiative to develop knowledgeable and skilled young agricultural entrepreneur high through programmes agricultural graduates skills training (PLKST) in agricultural college Malaysia (KPM) at bukit tangga, creating agricultural entrepreneur de this young generation group, skills training is carried out in stages which encompasses package training in agricultural field, livestock, aquaculture and food processing. teenagers can involve oneself and prospect to advance in life with are help of that party.


Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry namely Institud Research and Agriculture Advancement Malaysia (MARDI) had roused centre Embrio national animal (NAEC) in kluang,Johor.NAEC responsible in collecting all embryo, egg and sperm all types of animals for purpose breeding in vitro.NAEC establishment was to develop livestock animal breeds especially goat, cattle for export purposes. graduate or diploma teenagars to engroucge this venture areas of agriculture because this very lucrative to give teenagers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the advantages

Agriculture is job giving good much to farmer and also his round.Its because agricultural produce will be reused to make food substance to livestock animal and not thrown only like that .The result of agricultural waste will become ancillary food to livestock and it helps in supplying protein to livestock.That article on this feed I achieve of a magazine agro biz product 31 October 2008.This magazine is magazine generated by Malaysia envoy and many information on agriculture found inside.According article found inside this magazine, waste of agriculture such as soy and oil palm waste would make supplementary feed to deer bred.The deer bred not only given grass to eat in fact also given supplementary feed afford to give high protein to that deer. Beside that ,it could help farmer to economize in food offering to livestock.Conclusion ,agriculture which operate will help other agricultural which operate.

new information about advantages in agricultre

Additional information on advantage of agriculture. if youth involving self in areas of agriculture they can help country to develop the economy.The matter happened because agricultural produce will become double multiply, combination of technology usage in agriculture.And than, the agriculture will be marketed whole country and his result also marketable to international market.The agriculture produce which possess fine quality will get high demand local marketing and international.To get revenue which good ,the consumer modern technology in agriculture help in improving agriculture quality and quantity.after studies were made all problems which occurred in able agriculture overcome easily.Apart from that ,the buyer of agricultural produce from oversea will be more confident to products generated by Malaysia.Therefore,the economy of your country will increase and further farmer's income will also increase.